MultiTalk app makes real-time translations a reality in multilingual meetings 

Vasco Electronics launches MultiTalk, a unique voice translation application that brings diverse groups together. With MultiTalk, up to 100 speakers of different languages can have smooth and productive conversations via mobile. By breaking the language barriers, the app...
VASCO Mini 2 Wins GSMA’s Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that this week, Vasco Translator Mini 2 has been awarded the GSMA’s 2020 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Award for Best Connected Consumer Device.
Vasco Electronics Donates Voice Translators to Families at Hospitals

Vasco Electronics is known for developing cutting-edge voice translators with high translation accuracy and speed, often creating bespoke translators for government institutions, the military, and medical organizations.As such, they were approached by the Ronald McDonald...
Vasco Electronics is a global company at the forefront of innovation, leading the field in language translation devices for travelers. Our span is genuinely worldwide, with a strong presence across Europe and North America. Since we founded the company in 2008, Vasco Ele...
The electronic translators market is in an exponential growth period: now, translating in real-time a conversation is not only possible but, at last, almost as accurate as human translation. By using advanced technology, as performant noise-reducing microphones or artifi...


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Vasco Electronics

The Mission That Drives Us

We bring the world together, breaking down the communication barrier by translating conversations in real-time.

Vasco Translators create pathways between more than 50 languages. These are the spoken languages of the vast majority of the world (90%). Our devices give you the key to connect with all of those billions of people! Whether your journeys abroad are for pleasure or on business, it doesn’t matter, Vasco demolishes the language barrier.

Our guiding principle has always been to make our products as intuitive and straightforward as possible. With a Vasco Translator, you need never worry about mastering the controls, just unbox it and turn it on, and it will do the rest for you!